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Nasti Noonk

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Nasti Noonk


Nigel “Nasti Noonk” Perkins, Jr. is a young legend in the making. Born and bred on Atlanta’s notorious Westside, the 22-year-old rapper is a potent mix of hood, heart and harmony. Noonk, a childhood nickname, is nasty with the flow hence his rap moniker.

Noonk’s musical ambitions were established at an early age. His dad was a professional r&b singer who put his son on a strict diet of old-school soul music ranging from Keith Sweat to Boyz II Men. By the time he was 7, Noonk was not only writing rhymes and freestyling, but he also knew his way around the studio. His dad also helped him to develop his stage presence and further hone his craft, which paid off when he performed at a local talent show at the age of 12 and won.

Noonk, who is signed to independent label Paper Chase Records, has a versatile style that showcases his passion for his art. The cinematic storyteller is inspired by multiple genres of music including pop, rock and soul, as well as artists who spit genuine bars such as T.I., Young Dro, HoneyKomb Brazy and the late Lil Snupe.

Noonk made his mixtape debut in 2020 with Hoodsetter, producing a majority of the 14 tracks that highlight his high-energy vibe and distinct lingo, including his well-known ad-lib “Leh Get It, Leh Go.” On “Pressure,” the lead single Noonk also crafted the beat for, he is honest, meticulous and introspective. Most of his music, even when it’s melodically upbeat, is derived from his life experiences ranging from relationship woes to street drama.

Noonk, who created a buzzed about dance called “The Carlton,” has opened up for hiphop figures like Skooly, Key Glock and the late King Von. Looking to expand his brand with a merch line bearing his catch phrases, as well establishing his own entertainment empire, Noonk is a wave maker, not a wave rider.

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